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5 Amazing Brands for Women to Buy Trainer Shoes in Ireland the Next Time

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There is a lot to learn from fitness icons, one of whom is Serena Williams. The fitness advocate is not only dominating the court with her superb tennis skills but also maintaining an active lifestyle despite being a mother. The contributions of Ronda Rousey, an MMA pioneer who won the prestigious UFC title for the first time, are exceptional. Today, she talks about body positivity and encourages all women to train themselves adequately for more strength. Likewise, you have Rachael Balkovec, Misty Copeland and many others ruling the baseball, ballet and miscellaneous fields confidently.


If you have had your daily dose of inspiration by looking at the incredible women in the world of fitness and sports, you must be wondering why we are talking about them. Well, they are not extraordinary ladies. They are just like any ordinary person who has trained themselves to shine in their respective fields. You could be one of them. All you need to do is follow in their footsteps by simply hitting the gym and keeping yourself active.


How about starting with getting the best trainer shoes in Ireland to support you through your training sessions? Unlike casual pairs or running sneakers, they are designed to suit the purpose. Whether it’s about boosting your performance, safeguarding your feet, or supporting you through lifts and sprints, they excel in all the right aspects. Let us take you through renowned and fabulous trainer brands today.


Buy These Shoes Online in Ireland Before You Hit Your Workout Session


Enclosed is a brief introduction to them, followed by their specialities:


1. Tamaris

Tamaris shoes flaunt the best-quality leather and textiles. Their trainers are no exception. The collars around their ankles are cushioned adequately for greater support. As for styles, they feature plenty, and anyone willing to buy trendy yet functional footwear may consider this brand without giving it a second thought.


2. Kate Appleby

Experience a superb blend of comfort and style with Kate Appleby trainers. They have an eye for detail and render a luxurious feel. It’s no surprise to understand that their key focus is craftsmanship. This attention to quality construction helps it stand out from other trainer brands. As far as design elements are concerned, they have unique ones, like wedge soles and metallic finishes.


3. Marco Tozzi

Designed with a soft footbed, Marco Tozzi promises optimum wearing comfort. Look for the ‘feel-me’ cushion insole, for it ensures a comfortable walking experience. Besides being well-made, the shoes from this brand feature Italian design in close combination with German precision engineering. Looking for more reasons to buy these shoes online in Ireland? Well, they have unique touches on them. While some have hidden platform soles, others have subtle metallic accents.


4. Bagatt

Exude casual sophistication with trainers from this brand. Characterised by Italian lightness and a hint of attitude, they are poles apart from others in terms of modern edginess. Only leather and high-quality textiles make them up, reflecting style and durability in a complete sense. The use of interesting hues, textures and other design elements make them visually striking.


5. Jana

If you are an active person with a sharp sense of sustainability, Jana trainers are worth checking out. Did you know their shoe linings are crafted from plastic bottles? It’s an eco-conscious approach taken by the footwear brand to satisfy people, prioritising eco-friendly choices without compromising style. Enjoy versatility with them, as they have the best of both worlds: timeless design and trendy elements. Finally, the fit is comfortable to wear daily, regardless of your routine.


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Batemans Footwear, a stockist of trainers from various footwear brands in Ireland, is here to take you closer to your fitness goals. From sport-specific pairs to cross trainers, it has all the high-quality shoes to suit every budget. Boost your performance by owning one for yourself and enjoying superior fit, cushioning, support, blister protection, responsiveness and more.

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